So Do People Like the NextDrop Service?

I’ll get right to the point. We called all our customers two days after our soft launch.  Here are the numbers:

  • Number of People called: 230
  • Number of Answered phone calls: 123
  • Percentage of Customers who will continue the service (for 10 INR charge): 58%
  • Percentage of Customers who want to discontinue service: 1%
  • Percentage of Customers who did not see the message: 41%

Things we Learned

  • 41% did not see our text, which means definite opportunity.  To capitalize on it, Swaroop has changed our system to send a text and call a person when the water comes on.  Now, if people don’t read texts or miss a text, they also get a call from NextDrop to alert them of water availability.  Additionally, if they miss the call, they can save the number thereby getting a missed call from NextDrop, alerting them of a water issue.
  • Some people also said that the water came 2 hours after they got the message. The problem is that even if the valve opens, it sometimes takes a long time for people to actually get the water (due to pressure/elevation differences).  Therefore, we have changed the message we send from “Water is Flowing” to “The valveman has opened the valve in your area“.  This way we tell people exactly what happened, and let them use their own local knowledge to figure out when they will actually be getting water (i.e. they won’t blame NextDrop for the fact water is not on at that moment).  
Not bad for a soft launch.  

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